Note: For convenience ProtectPro starts recording an event within 3 seconds of starting.  To stop this process press the stop button the top of the screen.  

Step 1
Home Screen > Center Menu Button > Settings

Turn on Youtube toggle for video backup.  Sign into Youtube.
Then enter your name and optional text on the Settings screen. 

(Videos uploaded to youtube are PRIVATE.)  

Step 2
Home Screen > Contacts
​Enter a contact you'd like to email/text in an emergency situation. That's it!  You're DONE with setup.  

Start ProtectPro any time you see a questionable situation. Press the action button at the bottom of the screen if you feel others need to be notified of the situation.  Your contacts will get your GPS location AND a link to the online video.  

STAY SAFE!!!  The Events page will have a record of the event you captured.  Your photos/videos will also be saved to a ProtectPro folder in your phone.  

At ProtectPro we believe your data is yours to do with as you please.  We do not store or share your data.  

Your On Demand Body Cam.