We have security cameras for businesses, homes, and cars. Even the cops have body cameras. But how do we protect ourselves? Cameras on phones can be difficult to use in an emergency. That difficulty increases if you have to then contact someone for help.

Until now. ProtectPro enables users to record a situation while still allowing them to contact help and provide GPS location* all with one button.

See how easy it is and get instructions here. 

Check out our fun video here and then download using the links below.   

Why use protectpro?

Possible terrorist activity:
Terrorism is real in America. ProtectPro offers a quick way to record, save, and upload situations that could lead to another attack. ProtectPro saves pics, video, time/date, and GPS location* for future reference. Emergency contacts are notified by user when necessary.

ProtectPro will assist in multiple ways when using the app. Protesting is legal in the US and anyone harassing protesters is breaking the law. ProtectPro enables the user to notify emergency contacts/responders as well as record the entire situation.  

Other scenarios:
Senior citizens will use this app much like a medical alert device. The added benefit is that ProtectPro would provide friends, family members, and even medical technicians with up-to-date medical information at the time of an emergency. The above scenario could also apply to children, those who suffer from life threatening ailments, etc.  

Be ready for anything with ProtectPro.

*Unlike many other apps, ProtectPro does not save or share your GPS location / personal Info with third parties.  Your data is yours to do with as you please.   

Your On Demand Body Cam.